ASA Brooklyn Avengers Men's Tennis Team Plays in 2019 Harford Invitational

ASA Brooklyn Avengers Men's Tennis Team Plays in 2019 Harford Invitational

Brooklyn, NY – The ASA Brooklyn Avengers men's tennis team traveled to Maryland on April 6th 2019 to participate in the 2 day Harford Community College Invitational.  The Avengers were looking forward to the Invitational after losing to Harford CC earlier in the week. 

The Avengers had a tough time from the beginning of the invitational.  The players were under intense pressure playing multiple matches in a short amount of time.  "They did the best they can," said ASA Brooklyn Avengers men's tennis head coach, Sean Floyd.  "There was a rain delay and the matches had a later start time so the planned lunch break was cancelled.  We also had 6 players only because of injuries to our team so many of them had to play 3-4 matches a day."

On the first flight, Jared Howard was down a set in a tough semi-finals match.  "After the loss to Harford, we had a team meeting to talk about team support.   "The team cheered on for Jared after he was down in the first set and I believe the team's energy was able to help him win the semi-finals.  I know that he badly wanted to play against Harford again after losing his match last time, but I believe the team's support was a deciding factor in winning the semi-finals."  Jared Howard went on to win the finals in the first flight of the invitational.

"Alisher was definitely the one to get everybody to look themselves in the mirror and ask if they're supporting the teammates well enough," said Floyd.  "On Monday, he along with the other players voiced the need to support our team and it was a big focus on coming into the invitational."

Today was the first time that James Howard played in the 3rd flight of singles.  "I moved him from 5th singles from 3rd singles based on his play lately," said Floyd.  "He's like a wall on the court.  I can definitely hear the opposing players get frustrated with his consistency." 

The Avengers made it to the finals in 7 out of the 9 flights.  During the invitational, there were bias towards the ASA players travelling to Harford's home, but the coach told the players that it's something to be expected coming into the Harford Invitational.  "I'm very pleased with the team's effort even though we ended up as runner-ups and being behind the eight ball," said Floyd.  "The way we competed and supported each other and to end up as runner-up is good but I'm more proud of the way the team supported each other this weekend.  We still have a lot to improve and the players know what they need to do to get better."

 "I felt like this tournament was going to give our players an opportunity to prepare for the format of what's to come in the Nationals," said Floyd.


1st – Harford – 24 pts
2nd – ASA Brooklyn Avengers – 19 pts
3rd – Onondaga/Oxford – 10 pts
5th – Rowan – 5.5 pts
6th – Mercer – 3.5 pts
7th – Brookdale – 1 pt