ASA Brooklyn Avengers Men's Soccer Team Plays 2019 Season Opener Against Nassau Lions

ASA Brooklyn Avengers Men's Soccer Team Plays 2019 Season Opener Against Nassau Lions

The ASA Brooklyn Avengers men's soccer team opens the 2019 season against rivals Nassau Community College at Mitchel Athletic Complex.  Featuring a revamped roster and a new head coach, Alphonse Prophete, the team looks to see how training camp has prepared them for the season opener.  However, with a number of players still to join the roster for the Avengers, the team knew they had to be prepared to play heavy minutes.

The team opened the season with a spotlight on defense, but a couple of early errors resulted in two early goals for the Nassau Lions, including one coming from a penalty kick.  However, as the Avengers offense and defense started looking more comfortable, they were able to bounce back in the first half with a goal from Issouf Banao (assisted by Morisson Milfort) and DeAndre Gordon to tie the game 2-2 at the end of the half.  In the second half, the Avengers gave up 3 unanswered goals, and the game ended in favor of Nassau Lions 5-2. 

"We played well for ourselves," said ASA Brooklyn Avengers men's soccer head coach, Alphonse Prophete.  "I think in the second half, we were a little slower in our defensive rotations and we made some errors on that end.  On the offense, we were inconsistent.  At times, we looked good, and at times we weren't." 

"It was a good first game of the season," said Prophete.  "We were missing 9 players and we had players playing out of position, including the goalkeeper.   The goalkeeper did a good job under the circumstances.  But we're going to be okay.  We're bringing in two more players hopefully this week."

"I'm proud of them and the game showed the players to be in-shape," said Prophete.  We just need to be more focused and disciplined on offense."

The team plays their next game at Rowan College at Burlington County on August 31st, 2019.