ASA Avengers Men's Soccer Team Wins First Home Game of the 2018 Season

ASA Avengers Men's Soccer Team Wins First Home Game of the 2018 Season

Brooklyn, NY – The ASA Avengers men's soccer team plays their first home game of the 2018 season over at Aviator Sports Complex against Ulster Community College.  Yet again – the Avengers kicked off the game in pouring rain.  The team controlled most of the first half but the rainy start meant the Avengers had a hard time converting on those opportunities.  As the Avengers led 2-0 at halftime, the rain stopped in the second half and the Avengers were finally able to convert.

"I was really happy we got to use every player on the field, everybody contributed," said Men's Soccer Head Coach Brett Polow.  "We are starting to see what combinations are working well for us.  The defensive line, midfield line, and forward line are starting to look good in both phases of play in attack and defense.  They're starting to pick up the principles together as a group.  Our team is a few weeks away from being ready to compete with anyone in the country.  I'm happy with the improvements these guys have made and down the road, that's going to pay dividends.  Everybody playing today will be asked to fill crucial roles in the future down the road."

On offense – "We were happy with how the offense looked," said Polow.  "We're starting to see what combinations have success and we're getting more chances on the offensive end.  We just need to keep converting them. 

On defense – "It looked tighter in the back for most of the game.  However improvements can still be made.  The defense needs to be quicker, smarter, and more aggressive for us to compete with the best."

After leading 2-0 in halftime, the Avengers scored 6 goals in the second half.  #11 Daniel Augusto Batista finished the game for the Avengers with a hat trick and 2 assists.  "I'm proud of the way Daniel played," said Polow.  "Great game all-around from both the attacking and defending perspective.  Now we just hope to see consistency for the next game and the game after that.  Not just for Daniel, but I want to see consistency from everybody."

The ASA Avengers men's soccer team plays their next game at Bryant & Stratton Syracuse in Syracuse, NY on September 30th 2018 at 1:00 pm.