City Gridiron: ASA College

Avengers Football - New York City’s only nationally ranked football program in 2012 - will be featured in a two-part television special as part of the local series “City Gridiron.” 

“City Gridiron: ASA College” follows the Avengers, ranked in the top five of National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) polls during the 2012 season, as they navigate through an undefeated regular season, earn their first Northeast Football Conference (NEFC) championship and compete in the inaugural Carrier Dome Bowl at Syracuse University. The special will also take an in-depth look at the coaches, players and administrators who have helped turn ASA College Athletics into a nationally recognized Division I junior college athletic department in only five years of existence.

Cozzi Pictures, creators of the “City Gridiron” series, has been producing New York City sports content since 2008. When asked about the interest in covering ASA, executive producer and director Adam Salazar said, “Doing a feature on ASA College was a logical step for us after covering New York City high school sports for as long as we have. I am a huge proponent of our city’s athletes and their successes, and ASA has provided a place for those athletes to continue their dreams. The partnership was a natural fit.”

For more information on City Gridiron, please visit the series page on the NYC Media Website.