ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Travels to West Point Against Army Prep

ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Travels to West Point Against Army Prep

West Point, NY – The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team travelled to West Point to play against the Army Prep football team.

Army Prep started the game with the first drive on offense, and the Avengers successfully stopped their first drive.  On the Avengers first play of the first drive, the quarterback lost control of ball and were pushed back 8 yards.   Two plays later, the quarterback made a successful 30-yard pass to #2 Kaedin Robinson to put the Avengers up on the board 6-0 (Extra point was no good).  In the next drive, the Avengers defense held Army prep to a net gain of -2 yards on offense.  While on offense, the Avengers first broke through the middle with a 18 yard rushing play, and then a 27 pass for a touchdown, received by #22 Kennedey Poles.  With the successful extra point, the Avengers goes up 13-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.

The Avengers again successfully stopped the Army Prep's 3rd drive while the Avengers scored another touchdown on their 3rd drive with a rushing touchdown by the quarterback #13 Johntae McDowell.  The Avengers goes up 20-0.  The Avengers didn't have much success on the offense on the 4th drive.  On the 5th drive, the Avengers defense intercepted their pass, while the Avengers offense finished the drive with a 19-yard field goal to end the first half up 23-0.

In the 3rd quarter, the Avengers lost the ball in the first drive and Army Prep capitalized with 45 yard pass for a touchdown against the defense.  Army Prep successfully completed a 2-point conversion to put 8 points on the board, 23-8.  Army Prep again completed another pass that led to their 2nd touchdown, 23-15.  In the Avengers next drive, the offense completed a 38-yard pass that paved the way for a touchdown from #5 Tyquan Brown.  The Avengers goes up 30-15.

The Avengers started the 4th quarter with a field goal to go up 33-15.  Army Prep caught another pass for a touchdown, but the Avengers blocked the extra point (score 33-21).  In the Avengers final touchdown of the game, the offense threw a 35 yard pass that led to a touchdown for #2 Kaedin Robinson (score 40-21).  Although Army Prep scored the final touchdown of the game, in Army Prep's final drive of the game, the Avengers defense sacked their quarterback at their end-zone to give 2 points to the Avengers.  The game ended 42-28 for a win for the Avengers.

The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team plays their next game against NEFC rivals Monroe Mustang at Aviator Sports Complex on Sunday October 27th, 2019 at 7:00 pm.