ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Plays Against Naval Academy Preparatory School

ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Plays Against Naval Academy Preparatory School

Brooklyn, NY– The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team travelled to Rhode Island on September 21st, 2019 to play against Naval Academy Preparatory School.

In the first quarter, the Avengers scored in their very first drive, 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the game with a rushing touchdown from running back #24 Stephon Rucker-Carroll. The Avengers quickly stopped their first drive of the game, but made minimal progress on their second drive. On the third drive, the Avengers again scored another touchdown, received by wide receiver #2 Kaedin Robinson.

At the end of the 1stquarter, the Avengers made it to 15 yards from goal.  The Avengers continued their drive at the start of the second quarter where they made another passing touchdown, again received by #2 Kaedin Robinson.  The second quarter remained uneventful until late in the quarter where NAPS fumbled the ball and suffered a 20 yard loss.  The Avengers capitalized on the next drive to score another touchdown, this time from #4 Devin Dawkins.  The Avengers led at the half 28-0.

In the second half, the Avengers didn't come out with the same intensity as they did in the first half, and the third quarter remained an uneventful quarter.  Early in the 4th, the NAPS had a successful drive where they reached 1stand goal.  The Avengers defensive intensity picked up and was able to successfully prevent them from scoring on the drive.  With 5:41 remaining, the Avengers scored their last touchdown, received by #10 Thomas Campbell.  Leading 35-0, the Avengers was unable to shut out NAPS as they managed to score a touchdown with 3:35 left.  However, the Avengers defense was able to prevent them from scoring the extra point. The game ended 35-6 for the Avengers.

Quotes from the Team:

Head Coach, Chris Calabrese: "Proud of the team from bouncing back this week.  They just need to keep working hard and get ready for our game next week."

Asst. Head Coach, Jason Depew: "Happy with the win.  We have a lot of tape to go through and learn from our mistakes.  Our biggest thing is that we need to learn how to play with the same intensity for 4 entire quarters."

Coach Armani Lonardo on the offense: "Happy that we were able to get a lot of reps for all of our guys.  All three of our quarterbacks this game got to play minutes.  We just need to learn to play will hard for all 4 quarters especially with a hard stretch of games coming up soon."

Coach Lamarr Stewart on the defense: "Our team stuck to their assignments.  They paid attention this week and it showed during the game.  I'm proud of them.

The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team next plays against NJ Warriors at Jackson, NJ on September 28th, 2019, 2 pm.