ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Starts off the 2019 Season with a Win on the Road

ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Starts off the 2019 Season with a Win on the Road

Glen Ellyn, IL – The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team opens the first game of the season on the road against College of DuPage.  The Chaparrals are no strangers to the Avengers as they were the team the Avengers won against in the 2013 Carrier Dome Bowl.  However, this was not a game the Avengers were about to take lightly as without playing a scrimmage prior to the start of the 2019 regular season, and travelling over 800+ miles on the road, the team knew they had to come prepared.

On the Avengers second drive of the first quarter, they were able to successfully convert a touchdown with a rushing play from Tyrell Jackson.  However, during the extra point possession, the Avengers lost control of the ball and the Chaparrals were able to put their first points on the board.  In the Chaparral's next drive, they were able to successfully run a passing play to score their first touchdown.  At the end of the 1st quarter, the Chaparrals led the game 9-6.

In the second quarter, the Avengers started the offense slowly, but on their third possession they managed a 45+ yard rush on one play before scoring their 2nd touchdown of the game from Tyquan Brown and taking control of the game back with a 13-9 lead after converting the extra point.  From there, the Avengers defense managed to hold the Chaparrals scoreless for the rest of the game, while the Avengers offense managed 2 more touchdowns (Stephon Rucker-Carroll and Devin Dawkins) and a field goal (Andres Espinoza) to give the Avengers a win on their first game of the season.

The Avengers offense was fueled by their rushing game, with a total of 355 yards of net yards rushing, 133 of the yards came from Stephon Rucker-CarrollTyrell Jackson's passing game gave the Avengers 101 yards on offense.  On the defensive end, the Avengers had a total of 17 tackles.  Malich Jacobs and Khyon Fitzpatrick led with 4 apiece.

The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team next plays Hudson Valley Community College in Albany on September 7th 2019.