ASA Avengers Celebrates 2018 Thanksgiving With Student-Athletes

ASA Avengers Celebrates 2018 Thanksgiving With Student-Athletes

Brooklyn, NY – The ASA Avengers celebrates Thanksgiving with its student-athletes.  Student-athletes from the college come from all over the world.  Instead of our usual "Nacho Wednesdays" we provided them with a traditional Thanksgiving meal of green beans, yams, and a slice of pumpkin pie.  We ask some of our international students what they think about Thanksgiving.

Yassir Aknin, men's tennis player, comes from Morocco.  "Over at Morocco, we don't have Thanksgiving and this is a good experience for me," says Aknin.

Polina Khoroshevskaya is a women's tennis player from Russia.  "I think this is a good opportunity to talk to our friends and spend time with our family," says Khoroshevskaya.  "It's a good time to be with people and unite together."  When asked about pumpkin pie, Khoroshevskaya says she's actually never had it before, and this is a good chance for student-athletes to experience eating pumpkin pie with the ASA Avengers.

De'Anthony O'Neill is a football player from Tallahassee, Florida who will be staying at New York to celebrate Thanksgiving.  "Thanksgiving out here is unique, it's a lot different from home back in Tallahassee," says O'Neill.

Asako Ideue is a women's soccer player from Japan.  "It's good because my American friends invite me to their homes for dinner and it gives me an opportunity to spend time with them and have fun," says Ideue.  "This kind of holiday isn't something that I've experienced before US."